What is Quack Health?

Quack Health is an online platform and community that provides credible health information that is easy to read and understand. Our content is provided independently, with the exception of content clearly identified as promoted or from our sponsors.

Who writes the health information ?

All articles written under the Health and Quick Lessons sections of Quack Health are written and reviewed by Registered Nurses (RN). Lifestyle articles can be written by a RN or guest contributor/guest blogger. Share your Story articles are written in the words of the person whom has submitted the story.

How often is information updated?

Content is updated regularly throughout the site. We are currently taking request for topics that our readers would like us to explore. Feel free to submit a topic here.

How Can I use the information provided on Quack Heath?

All materials (blog posts, articles, quick lessons, shared stories, etc.) are for informational purposes only. While online health information is a great way help you manage your health, it is never a replacement for talking to your doctor.

How Can I contribute to Quack Heath?

Anyone can contribute to Quack Health through Share your Story or becoming a contributor. All submissions are reviewed by a registered nurse before being added to the site.

Any other questions?

You got questions, we got answers. Feel free to reach out anytime with additional questions.